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yNews --- Interviewed and televised by Nippon Television "The Frontier Special"z

On November 16, 2005, Nippon Television broadcasted weekly series "The Frontier Special" reported on dog training titled "Save our pets! Misconception? Training Myth". Our trainer Naoko and alumni dog Maru of Kawano e-dog were introduced as a subject for ideal training school. Our school is nationally televised proving our strengths and training skills among competitors.

yEvent --- Shonan Import Motor Show @ Kamakura Prince Hotelz

Obedience class will be held at 12th Shonan Import Motor Show (Kamakura Prince Hotel) sponsored by Pet-medical-support Mutual, Inc. For all dog owners, check it out this new event!
Sponsor: Pet-medical-support Mutual, Inc. (Pet Insurance Company)
Location: Kamakura Prince Hotel Parking Lot

yNew class --- puppy school @ Giornoz

WmXIt is essential for dog to learn socialization during early age. Let's learn how to train your dog when they are still young.
Place: Giorno shop (Tsukishima pet hotel)
Reservation is required.

yNew class --- beginner's training class @ Rafikiz

This class teaches a minimum manner for the obedience. It is important that your dog is well behaved around other people.

Please enjoy communication with your dog.
Sponsored by: General Dog Store, Rafiki
Place: Higashimurayama Chuo Park, Class will be postpone if it rains
Reservation is required for January class

yEvent --- puppy party @ Dog cafe PIPIz

pipi摜This is a puppy party sponsored by Dog Event Club.
It is important to start obedience training in early ages. This is a lesson for one time experience only.

Place: In dog cafe PIPI shop (Higashimurayama)

yNews --- Remote dog training is on the article!z

ug[jOiOur dog training utilizing an interactive TV conference system was interviewed and published as an article recently. Kawano E-dog Corporation is strategically partnered with AOS Technologies, Inc. in order to implement next generation mobile e-training systems with TV conference through FOMA and iSeePet. The remote training was interviewed and introduced in the portal sight of iSeePet. Private remote training can be provided through an interactive TV conference system with a fraction of cost. More trainings can be viewed here.

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