TRAINING POLICY:Our philosophy and training methods stand on the basic obedience training that is practical and useful for the activity of daily living.  It is not designed for winning the dog contests nor specially trained for work purpose.

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image What is a purpose of companion dog obedience trainings?
The goal is to have a stress free and a quality life style together among owners and dogs. This coexisting lifestyle should be seen even in a public places. The ideal environment around pets can be possible by owners' obedience training knowledge and skills. Kawano E-dog defines keys for success for both owners and dogs as follows. When students complete obedience training, dogs will be able to listen and perform properly as the owners provide obedience commands.

image Regardless of excellent results with dog contests…
Have you seen a dog barking in the vehicle at you when you are walking along the public parking? This is just an example but there are many dogs with unwanted behavior regardless of their outstanding achievement in the past dog contests. Isn't it more important that your dogs to behave in the public places rather than just wining contests?

image Companion dogs at home and specially trained dogs for work
Failures are not acceptable for specially trained dogs since the decision they make could be a life threatening depends upon a situation. When those dogs are no longer qualified for works, we can terminate and replace with other dogs. At home, however, we can't simply replace companion dogs just because they have slow learning process. It is the owners' responsibility to educate and train their companion dogs to have quality life together as family members.

image Training philosophy at Kawano E- dog
When dogs make mistakes, it is important that owners let dogs realize their unwanted behaviors. Kawano E-dog emphasizes training skills on how to correct unwanted behaviors by simple methods. We correct dogs with disciplines when they make mistakes. On the other hand, we praise dogs as much as we can if they did something good. The more you praise, the better dogs become and their confidence level increases. Our philosophy stands on praising dogs and allowing improvement from the positive approach in order to correct unwanted behaviors.
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